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      Iona Irving  Ph.D                                                                                                
Iona Irving, President El Schaddei 

Hi, I'm Dr. Iona Irving,

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“The level of service at El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. is fantastic. Having been introduced to the Dr. Iona Irving since 2009, I am consistently impressed and amazed by the professionalism and how she is not a faker. Thank you!”
Diana T,  Guyana W.I.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find an organization you can really trust. El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. was recommended to me by my sister, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Audrey S,  Florida, USA
I had attended quite a few motivational Seminars hosted by Dr. Iona Irving,  I am now of a complete different mindset. I can't wait to be in the next one. She was right on target when she uttered the Word to me!
Erisha,  Florida, USA
I was a very depressed, suicidal single mom 6 years ago. Everyone including my biological mom and dad, were always putting me down. I was working a very tedious job that was paying minimum wage. One of my cousins living in Florida told me about Dr. Iona.  I contacted her and from the get go, she prayed for me and told me that my gift was to be a Nurse. I immediately replied that I don't have what it takes to become a Nurse. I was so negative. She told me that all she needed was, for me to believe in myself and allow her to mentor me for a couple months. I accepted. I have no regrets. The first week into her, "Bringing out your Gifts and Talent Course" I told her that, I was now confident to become the Nurse that I was born to be. I enrolled into a Nursing Program in New York where I'm from. I was working at nights and go to school during the daytime. I began to fail my classes. I was nervous. I wanted to quit. Dr. Iona told me to repeat for one full day, " A Winner never quits and a Quitter never wins."  and to call her the next day. I did. I chose the Winner part. Lol! She mentored me all the way through the Nursing Program. I started to get A's. She even told me that I was going to be the first one to pass the Board Exam. Everyone including fellow students were expecting me to fail and repeat the Course. Dr. Iona took nights upon nights drilling me to the point where I didn't have to go to the 6 weeks review before sitting the Board. My own biological mom called her and told her not to waste her time because I wasn't going to pass. Dr. Iona told my mom to encourage me and that I'm going to pass. Well, I sat the Board and turned out, I was the only one from the school who passed the Board that day. One thing I like about her, is that she's not some stuck up person. She's like an angel on earth. I told her that, I had to give this Testimonial. I am now a Nurse and she encouraged me to go higher. I will be enrolling into the Masters in Nursing Program. I have a lot more testimonials but another time, I'll share those. They're gonna blow your mind!  She's a God sent. I now call her my second mom. May God continue to keep you Dr. Iona. Thank you so much!

Latoya B. New York, USA

Dr. Iona,  inspired me so much, I am more positive about myself, its just amazing how she allows the Creator to use her. I'm a Canadian and  was into a relationship that would have been detrimental if this woman of God wasn't used by God to show me the danger. She even called the names of 2 people who it had to be God and God alone because she didn't know me and I didn't know her at that time. I'm alive thank you God! I pray for you every day Prophetess. 
Dora, Ontario, Canada

The first time I visited El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. I knew I had found home. I am now  home. I am now representing El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. in St. John, US Virgin Islands. Thank you for having me!
Juel  S,  St. John, USVI

I'm from Guyana. I was introduced to this Prophetess by a friend in Canada. This lady is not a phony. She is really a God sent. She told me things that only I knew about myself. I mean she's deep and looked so simple. I'm honored to be affiliated with Dr. Iona and El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Carol W.  Guyana, W.I.

None of these Testimonials are paid for. These are based on each person's  experience in their own words. 

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