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      Iona Irving  Ph.D                                                                                                
Iona Irving, President El Schaddei 

By the Intervention of  the Supernatural
we  helped some people  and they were grateful.   

“The level of service at El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. is fantastic. Having been introduced to the woman of God, Iona  since 2009, I am consistently impressed and amazed by the professionalism and how she is not a faker. I had booked a flight to Guyana in July, 2011. I called Iona to let her know that I was leaving to Guyana. She told me that the Spirit of God told her to tell me to cancel the flight. I was stubborn and wanted to go. She said that, God told her to tell me to cancel that flight. I was upset and wanted to travel. I decided not to go based on the words from   Iona. The next day, I saw and heard on the news that the Plane that I was supposed to be on, CRASHED. I called Iona and thanked her. She told me to thank God.  Thank you!”
Diana T,  Guyana W.I.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find an organization you can really trust. El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. was recommended to me by my sister, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Audrey S,  Florida, USA
I had attended quite a few motivational seminars hosted by Iona Irving,  I am now of a complete different mindset. I can't wait to be in the next one. She was right on target when she uttered the Word to me!
Erika,  Florida, USA
Iona,   inspired me so much, I am more positive about myself, its just amazing how she allows the Creator to use her. Awesome! 
Debbie, Ontario, Canada
The first time I visited El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. I knew I had found home. I am now  home. I am now representing El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc. in St. John, US Virgin Islands. Thank you for having me!
Juel  S,  St. John, USVI
I could not sleep at nights. I suffered from Insomnia. I went to the healing forum on Sunday November 13, 2011. I got one of the El Schaddei Anointed T-Shirt and slept in it. I slept so peaceful Sunday night, Monday night up to this very moment. I don't have to take my sleeping pills. Thanks. 
Aldith P.   Florida,  USA
The El Schaddei Anointed T-Shirt have me sleeping better at nights.  Thanks and keep up His good work!
Valrie T.  Florida, USA
I was born and raised in Georgetown Guyana. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with your ministry in giving back to the less fortunate.
Carol W.  Guyana, W.I.
I was born in Haiti and raised in the U.S.A. I was introduced to Iona by a friend of mine. Iona told me in August 2011, that she saw my fiancee dying from gunshot wound to his side. I asked her if it was going to be in the near or far future. She said that, it was not going to be- 5 years, 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, 1 year but less than 6 months. I was very terrified. Well, on December 30, 2011, my fiancee was shot and killed in Miami Beach. His body is still at the morgue. This woman is a true Prophetess.
M.Z. Florida, USA. 
 Iona Irving told me on November 13, 2011, that I was too young to bury 2 of my children. She asked me if I had Life Insurance for them. I told her that I did not want to have to bury any of my children. She told me that she saw funeral and that she knew it was not an easy situation...but the Lord God told her to tell me to prepare for funeral. Well, my daughter Aldith Pitter died last week  Saturday February 11, 2012. Her funeral will be tomorrow,  Saturday February 18, 2012. Words are not enough to say. I thank God for her because I am able to deal with my daughter's death without having a heart attack. Continue to pray for me. 
Audrey S. Florida
My name is Leola J  and I am a Pastor. I am originally from  Florida  and lives  in New York  U.S.A. I host a show on a gospel station in Florida. One day  in 2001,  the Marketing manager from the station called me on the phone and said, Pastor Leola, there is a Prophetess here that  I want you to meet.  So, I told him to give me her phone number. I called Prophetess Iona and introduced myself.  I told her that  I would call her back on Wednesday.  I called her that Wednesday and I said, " Prophetess, sorry to call back so late, I took my husband's coat to the cleaners and went and had my nails done because he will be taking me out for dinner on Friday."  She was a little quiet on the phone. She then said, "Pastor Leola, the Holy Spirit of God said I must tell you to prepare the suit for funeral."  I got very angry with her and I said, God would have told me that when I was at the altar this morning. I am preaching for over 40 odd years, way  before you were born.  I hang up the phone up on her. On Friday, I went to pick up my husband's coat at the cleaners . Whilst I was there, I got a call that my husband was taken to the  Emergency  room  and that he had died.  I was so shocked and humbled. I immediately asked the Lord to forgive me for my frowardness and then I called Prophetess Iona and apologize to her.  I thought she would be mad with me but she received me with open arms.  I had since attended a lot of her seminars. I have witnessed this woman of God laid her hands on a woman's broken leg and it got healed.  In that same session, she called out a man and told him that he was not going to go to prison because he was innocent and that he was going to call her after court. Wow, I was listening her show that evening when the man called her on her radio and told her on the air that exactly what she said, was what happened.  The judge told him to go home.   I am not  talking about Magic or lotion or potion.  This woman looked so simple, I have never seen her in a Pastors Tunic! I thank God for her and pray for his continued protection around her. 
Pastor Leola
New York, USA 
None of these Testimonials are paid for. These are based on each person's  experience in their own words. 

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