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Miracles Really Happen

Ever since I am allowing our Creator to manifest through me, people are testifying of His wonderful presence at our mind, soul, body and spirit sessions. Even on the telephones, God...El Jah, manifest by supernaturally healing and restoring people.
One magnificent moment, was on Sunday,  November 27, 2011 at the Inverrary Hotel where we have ours sessions, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, a woman who was attending from St. John US Virgin Islands was given the word that,
 she was going to be healed before she went back to the Virgin Islands.   She had a sore on one of her feet about the size of 2 dollar bills put together.  Elohim..strong God, spoke from His spirit to my spirit and instructed me to anoint the sore on her foot. I did, and 2 worms came out of her foot. One of the worms was resisting. I commanded it to get out of this woman's foot. It had no choice but to exit her temple. The sore is now  the  size of a dime and no inflammation is coming from it. Hallelujah! Glory to El Schaddei...God who make miracles to really happen.
How about you? Are  you sick ...tired of setbacks...misfortunes... confused as to your true calling...?  Read Debra's testimony. She was not paid for her testimony neither is this testimony about the worms coming out of this lady's foot.  Our Creator is awaiting to manifest for you.

4 Comments to Miracles Really Happen:

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Yolanda Forbes on Thursday, December 15, 2011 5:02 PM
My name is Yolanda Nicole Forbes, and I was born in Montreal ,Canada in 1992. In 1993 my mother moved to Toronto where I currently live with my family. As a young child I always saw Angels while I was in my room playing or just relaxing in bed, and I would always tell my mom that I saw three angels. I remembered my mother questioning me about them asking me to tell her what exactly I was seeing and what they were communicating to me, this has been a life long experience for me, I still see them around me and I am able to hear specific instructions from them. I believe in helping others and working with the less fortunate. While growing up I have experienced being looked at strangely by my peers and treated differently by others, and I always questioned why this was so. As a result I never had friends and finally with the help of counselling, I accepted that I was a unique and wonderful person and decided to be my own best friend. Currently I attend the Monsignor Fraser College in Toronto, Canada and I have been exposed to volunteering through community agencies, and feeding homeless individuals which brings me great happiness to be able to give back to my community. I am call by the name of Nikki by my friends and family, and I feel very blessed to have the support of my family for which I'm greatful. This is just a brief insight into my life and I look forward to a bright and wonderful future through youth ministry. Life Is What You Make It, Stay Bless. Regards Nikki
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Iona Irving on Thursday, December 15, 2011 5:44 PM
Hi Yolanda, Your testimony is Awesome! The Angels who execute the commands of El Schaddei--the All Sufficient One, are rejoicing right now. There is room here at El Schaddei Outreach Ministries, Inc., for you. You are Jehovah's manifestation. I just finished a 40 days fasting. I asked Jehovah Jireh to provide a youth minister with experience for our Canada outreach. And, here you are. Wow! I will also be sending you an email at the address you had provided. Glory to Jehovah!

Allison on Friday, January 13, 2012 12:34 AM
Allison on 1/12/2012 1:51 AM The past few years has been filled with many ups and downs and for some unfortunate reason the downs seem to be the winner. I started to do some serious praying in the past few months by really letting go and letting God. Having faith and not worrying about the how. Putting things in God's mailbox. When we mail a letter or a bill,we don't call the post office nor the mailman to find out if they sorted or delivered it, we trust that it will reach it's destination. This is the same mentality that we have to have when we pray. We send it out to God and know that it's going to reach on time and that he's going to handle it. When I developed this attitude things started to change and change fast. I reconnected with my cousin who introduced me to Iona and several others over a phone prayer session. It was a beautiful experience to hear how much and how strong their love for God is. Iona told me that I will see changes in 21 days. Well today is that day and so much has happened in my life within that time period. I started a project that I wanted to do since eight years ago, and I put it all together finally! The ideas and the help came to me. I feel for the first time in many years that I am organized and ready to take on any task. I met a wonderful man who adds to my joy and happiness. Did I think this was all going to happen so soon? Yes... because I trusted in the Lord, and I was happy and looking forward to what he had in store for me. So place your prayer in his mailbox and walk away. Continue doing what you're doing and I know through God's grace you'll receive a reply. Never give up your hope; never worry about the how; do everything with love,and never forget to give thanks. I send my love out to you all! Allison
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Misty Brown on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:06 PM
The team that represents this Ministry is truly a blessing to those like myself who has had the opportunity to experience the miracle working power of prayer and prophesy. Each and every person who is living in doubt has an opportunity to be redeemed from the lies of the negative influences through such a great and positive ministry. Prophetess Iona has been truly chosen by the most high God to deliver the messages that has been given to her to relate to those who are receptive and fortunate to be blessed with a word from GOD. Thanks to the team for your weekly prayer group that connects God's children together to be powerful for his kingdom. Sincerely Misty
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