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Miracles Really Happen

Ever since I am allowing our Creator to manifest through me, people are testifying of His wonderful presence at our mind, soul, body and spirit sessions. Even on the telephones, God...El Jah, manifest by supernaturally healing and restoring people.


One magnificent moment, was on Sunday,  November 27, 2011 at the Inverrary Hotel where we have ours sessions, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, a woman who was attending from St. John US Virgin Islands was given the word that,

 she was going to be healed before she went back to the Virgin Islands.   She had a sore on one of her feet about the size of 2 dollar bills put together.  Elohim..strong God, spoke from His spirit to my spirit and instructed me to anoint the sore on her foot. I did, and 2 worms came out of her foot. One of the worms was resisting. I commanded it to get out of this woman's foot. It had no choice but to exit her temple. The sore is now  the  size of a dime and no inflammation is coming from it. Hallelujah! Glory to El Schaddei...God who make miracles to really happen.


How about you? Are  you sick ...tired of setbacks...misfortunes... confused as to your true calling...?  Read Debra's testimony. She was not paid for her testimony neither is this testimony about the worms coming out of this lady's foot.  Our Creator is awaiting to manifest for you.


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